Mesotherapy refers to the export of active substances directly into the skin with a needle as a series of injections. Mesotherapy is one of the most well-known medical treatments. Unlike filler treatments, mesotherapy does not affect the appearance of the face or facial features, as the treatment is based on improving the quality of the skin.

Mesotherapy is effective against skin aging - skin refreshing, revitalizing and skin texture improving treatment. Individually selected active ingredients containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins that activate cell function, antioxidants and peptides are absorbed into the skin with small injections. The method is suitable for all skin types.  

Our skin naturally contains hyaluronic acid, the production of which decreases with age. The result of the treatments is elastic and more youthful skin. The color of the skin is evened out, becomes more even, and the beginning lines are reduced. Younger skin also benefits from the revitalizing effect of the treatments and maintaining the skin's good condition. 

Treatment and after treatment:

The treatment starts with skin cleansing and a skin-preparing exfoliation is used on the face, after which the skin surface is numbed, skin is disinfected, mesotherapy is followed by microinjection, a soothing and moisturizing mask is given to treat the skin, and serums and creams are absorbed.

After the treatment, the skin may feel heated and the skin may be red for a couple of hours immediately after the treatment, but usually calms down by the next day. It is good to be prepared for small bruises. The skin will be at its best after 2 weeks, please take that into account if you have a party or another important day coming up.

Visible results are obtained after just one treatment. Longer-lasting and more significant results are obtained 2-4 times with serial treatment, where the treatments are done every 3-4 weeks. Maintenance treatment once every 3 months.

When the treatment is not suitable: 

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding 

  • Autoimmune diseases 

  • Acute inflammatory disease

  • Active herpes 

  • Local skin infections in the area planned for treatment

  • During the course of Roaccuta or if less than 6 months have passed since the course

Good to note after the treatment:

  • Saunas and sweaty exercise should be avoided for 24 hours

  • Avoid washing your face and unnecessary touching for 4-5 hours

  • No make-up on the skin the day after the treatment

  • The use of strong peels and retinol cream should be avoided for 1 week

  • Change a clean pillowcase at home after the treatment

Duration of treatment: 60 min 

Recovery time: 1-2 days, bruises possible 

Pain during treatment: Mild pain 

Pain relief: Numbing cream

Result visible: 2-3 weeks 

Duration of result: The result is long-lasting


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