Mechanical Skin Cleansing

Mechanical Skin Cleansing is always combined as part of some facial treatment. Mechanical skin cleansing is usually not done alone. In mechanical skin cleaning, the skin is first cleaned with a cleaning agent, exfoliated and heated with steam, i.e. it is prepared for mechanical skin cleaning and then the cleaning itself is done.

In mechanical cleaning, an instrument intended for skin cleaning is used. In addition to the cleaning iron, a sterile thin needle may be used to remove, for example, miliums.

Mechanical skin cleansing can be done on almost all types of skin. However, it is not recommended for inflamed acne skin or couperosa skin. For mild couperosa skin, it is possible to do it by going around the worst spots with dilated blood vessels. Mechanical Skin Cleansing is good for skin that has a lot to clean, or the skin has blackheads or miliums, i.e. white pimples.

Mekaaninen ihonpuhdistus

Mechanical Skin Cleansing + DMK nutritional treatment

Nutrient therapy does not include DMK enzyme therapy, but the treatment is performed with other DMK tools. The treatment uses DMK's unique transdermal transport system, which allows active ingredients to be absorbed at the cellular level. A relaxing and nutrient-rich treatment takes into account exactly the needs of your skin. The treatment uses ingredients that mimic the biochemistry of your skin. The treatment includes a refreshing cleansing, a skin-brightening exfoliation, a massage and a mask that restores the skin's functions. Finally, the skin is saturated with nutrients using a transdermal infusion. The facial treatment is tailored to the needs of your skin. Facial treatment is suitable for e.g. as a moisturizing, brightening, strengthening treatment, as a traditional cleansing treatment for impure skin and as a primary treatment for young skin. 

The treatment starts with cleansing, followed by the selection of exfoliation suitable for your skin, mechanical skin cleansing, massage, mask and transdermal infusion.  

Home care instructions after the treatment

  • Saunas and sweaty exercise should be avoided for 24 hours

  • Avoid washing your face and unnecessary touching for 4-5 hours

  • Make-up should be avoided for 12 hours 

  • Changing the pillowcase at home


Duration of treatment: 60  min 

Recovery time: 1 day 

Pain during treatment: Slight pinching during mechanical cleaning 

Result visible: 1-2 days


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