Why a consultation? 

In a free consultation, we will find out if the treatment you are considering is right for you. In the consultation, we always take into account your wishes about the results, and we tell you about the different options, we also tell you honestly whether the treatment result is possible to implement - this way we avoid unrealistic expectations. In a free consultation, you will hear about different treatment options and treatment plans, and you can ask mind-boggling questions. 

With the help of the consultation, we get to know you and your skin more closely, in order to plan an individual treatment package for you to achieve the best results. In the consultation, your lifestyle, diet and health issues will be reviewed, so that there are no obstacles to the treatments. 

During the consultation, we can make a treatment plan for you, where you will get an accurate price estimate for the treatment or treatment package. In addition, we will tell you how to prepare for the treatment and what to consider in terms of aftercare. 

You can book an appointment for a consultation online or by calling, texting or emailing. The consultation does not obligate you to anything. 


Book a free consultation 

We always offer you a free consultation before we start the treatments with you. 

Book a consultation, and we can discuss what kind of options we could offer just for you. 

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