DMK-Enzyme therapy

DMK enzyme therapy is a skin care concept that renews your skin and changes your life. DMK offers your skin chemistry that it recognizes as its own. DMK works deeper than the surface and gets to the root of skin problems, not just the symptom. DMK enzyme therapy treatments and products work in cooperation with the skin's own functions and structures, making your skin strong and resistant. The DMK concept is meant for everyone. It is equally suitable for difficult skin problems such as so-called for maintaining problem-free skin condition.

The cornerstone of DMK is the REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN concept, which regulates the skin's function and improves it to an optimal level. This concept makes your skin act like young and healthy skin again.

  • REMOVAL - removing dead cells and other problems from the surface of the skin

  • RECONSTRUCTION - optimization of skin functions

  • PROTECTION - the skin is protected from the effects of the environment and harmful factors

  • MAINTENANCE - maintenance of skin well-being with DMK Skincare home care products

DMK enzyme therapy is suitable for all skin types and all skin symptoms. Improves the function of the skin by activating the skin's own enzymes, thanks to which long-term and good results are achieved.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that participate in chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes play a role in all metabolic tasks, including breaking down food, transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide, healing wounds and tissues, heart function, growth and healing from diseases.

Enzymes regulate health and work with certain minerals to form natural antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants fight free radicals to keep our skin and body healthy.

DMK enzyme therapy utilizes the beneficial and healing effects of transporter enzymes. This skin therapy is inimitable and completely unique. No other treatment in the world of skin care produces the same effect. The treatment method rehabilitates your skin to function like young and healthy skin again. The blood circulation is enhanced and the oxygen supply and the function of the lymph improves. Dead skin cells, toxins and free radicals are removed. Cell function and collagen production are activated - the skin becomes firm, healthy, smooth and beautiful.

The results of the DMK enzyme therapy treatment are long-lasting, because your skin is strengthened from the inside. No other treatment in the world produces the same effect.

DMK-nutritional therapy 

Nutrient therapy does not include DMK enzyme therapy, but the treatment is performed with other DMK tools. The treatment uses DMK's unique transdermal transport system, which allows active ingredients to be absorbed at the cellular level. A relaxing and nutrient-rich treatment takes into account exactly the needs of your skin. The treatment uses ingredients that mimic the biochemistry of your skin. The treatment includes a refreshing cleansing, a skin-brightening exfoliation, a massage and a mask that restores the skin's functions. Finally, the skin is saturated with nutrients using a transdermal infusion.  

The facial treatment is planned according to the needs of your skin. Facial treatment is suitable for e.g. as a moisturizing, brightening, strengthening treatment, as a traditional cleansing treatment for impure skin, and as a primary treatment for young skin. 

The treatment can be combined with: 

  • Mechanical Skin Cleansing 

  • Microneedling 

DMK-Home care products

DMK's home care products work in cooperation with the skin and not only on its surface. The products contain biochemistry that the skin recognizes as similar. The raw materials of the products are classified as pharmaceutical. It means that the proportion of active ingredients in the products is clearly higher, which makes the products more effective than products classified as traditional cosmetics.
An individual, best-suited home care program is planned for each client. The choice of products is influenced by e.g. skin condition, ethnic background, hormone function, and set treatment goals. The best treatment results are always achieved with a combination of professional treatments and home care products.

Duration of treatment: 90-120 min

Recovery time: 1 day 

Pain during treatment: None

Result visible: Immediately and at best, 1 week

Duration of result: Long-term results with regularity


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